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Nadja Lobensteiner

Research project

Working titiel: Conflictive negotiations regarding indigeneity as cultural heritage in an urban context.

The project explores concepts of mapuche cultural heritage in the context of politics of ethnicity (Hall 1997). Different strategies of patrimonialization will be analized as, for example, musealization or ritualization. The focus on identity politics allows considering the context in which forms of patrimonialization evolve, i.e., the cultural-political field of tensions between mapuche cultural activism and institutional actors, both of national and intergovernmental character (Kaltmeier and Thies 2012). The study covers the period between the 1990s and today.


  • Lobensteiner, Nadja: “La exposición “Mapuche: Semillas de Chile” como “embajada cultural”: Aspectos de un discurso político-cultural chileno.”, in: forum for inter-american research, www.interamerica.de, vol. 3, n° 1, May 2010.
  • Bejarano, Eric Javier; Grewe, David; Lobensteiner, Nadja (Hg.), Mobilizing Ethnicity - Competing Identity Politics in the Americas: Past and Present, Frankfurt am Main (Iberoamericana/Veruert), 2013.