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Dr. Floya Anthias (professor emeritus at Roehampton University, London) is a renowned investigator regarding the issues of ethnicity/“race“, gender, class, intersectionality, migration, global citizenship and especially belonging. She stayed in Bielefeld and Cologne respectively for a month (May/June 2013) and could give important input for the development of the theoretical concepts and open the view for a supra-regional perspective due to her intensive engagement regarding the central concepts of the Research Network focusing on Europe. Results are presented in the KLA Working Paper Series No.8, Identity and Belonging: conceptualisations and political framings.

Dr. Christine Hünefeldt (professor at the University of San Diego) is an American anthropologist and historian with special focus on ethnicity and gender in the Andean region. Thanks to her stay in August 2013, the members of the Research Network were introduced to new ideas regarding interdependencies and historiography of the theoretical concepts and were able to establish further contacts to the United States.

Dr. Mario Rufer (Argentinean professor at the Universidad Metropolitana in Mexico) has focused his investigation on nation and politics concerning the past in Argentina and South Africa, postcolonial theories and Subaltern Studies. He visited the Research Network in Bielefeld in October 2013, which gave way to the opportunity for an intensive exchange of ideas with a scientist from Latin America who also alluded to a supra-regional perspective. Results are presented in the KLA Working Paper Series No.12, La comunidad melancolica: etnicidad, patrimonio comunitario y memoria en Mexico.

Dr. Valeria Coronel (professor at FLACSO Quito, Ecuador) is Dean of the Faculty for Sociology and Gender Studies at FLACSO, Ecuador. She is Historian and Sociologist and investigates on class, citizenship and ethnicity in postcolonial contexts. She was in Cologne in April for one month. Besides important input regarding research content, the cooperation with FLACSO was strengthened by her visit.

Dr. Natalia Molina (professor at the University of San Diego) is Historian with a special emphasis on ethnicity, gender and citizenship in Latin America and the USA. Members of the Research Network also received new ideas about interdependencies and historisation of the theoretical concepts in other regions of the world. The existing cooperation with the UC San Diego was also strengthened by Dr. Molina's visit.

Dr. Alejandro Grimson (professor at the Universidad Nacional de San Martín) is Anthropologist with emphasis on Nation, Identity, Migration and Ethnicity and visited the Research Network in Cologne for one month in July. Due to his research focus, he could give important inputs and allow a fruitful scientific exchange.


Eric Javier Bejarano is a Colombian Ph.D. candidat and associated member of the Research Network. His research topic is ”Ethnicity and Identity in socio-political negotiations in Colombia at the end of the 20th century“. He presented the research results of his six-month fellowship from April to August 2013 (which included short field research) in the KLA Working Paper Series No.11 'Etnizacion de lo politico' Inclusion y exclusion en el escenario politico: El Movimiento Armado Quintin Lame (MAQL) 1984-1991

Carmen Ibáñez Cueto is an associated member of the Research Network and received her Ph.D. with the study ”Inner-Bolivian migration in the area of conflict of Ethnicity and Citizenship“. As a Bolivian citizen, she was a fellow for the Research Network from August 2013 until January 2014. Her fellowship included a short trip to Bolivia for field research. She will present her research results in a Working Paper about the issue of resource conflicts in the Salar de Uyuni.