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February 12th 2016

Workshop „Wissen um globale Verflechtungen: Globalgeschichte und Globales Lernen im Geschichtsunterricht“, organized by the sub-project Bielefeld


November 17th-18th 2015

The workshop "Viewing Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging from the Perspective of Migration" is organized by the sub-project Bonn and takes place at the University of Bonn.


June 25th 2015

The Research Network for Latin America realises, together with the "Welthaus Bielefeld" and the Center for InterAmerican Studies of the University of Bielefeld, a workshop called "Globales Lernen im Englischunterricht: Konzeptionelle Überlegungen und praktische Umsetzungen in Bildungsmaterialien" at the Welthaus Bielefeld.


April 17th-18th 2015

"Sauerkraut und Samba. Zum Umgang mit Stereotypen im Globalen Lernen und Interkulturellen Training", organised by the sub-projects Cologne, Hanover and Münster.

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April 15th 2015

Workshop "Citizenship and Ethnicity in the Andes" with Valeria Coronel (Quito), Gisela Canepa (Lima), Olaf Kaltmeier (Bielefeld), Martin Breuer


December 18th 2014

"Wissen um Globale Verflechtungen – Unterrichtsmaterialien zu Lateinamerika im Schulunterricht", Workshop at Bielefeld University, organized by Prof. Olaf Kaltmeier and Dr. Jochen Kemner with the participation of teachers associations representatives.


November 17th-21st 2014

Days of education - global learning (Bildungstage - Globales Lernen) in Hannover. On two days Daniela Célleri of the Research Network for Latina America is organising a workshop.


October 13th-14th 2014

Workshop organized among others by Prof. Dr. Niemeyer: Childhood in the dictatorship: Argentina and Germany, University of Cologne


September 19th 2014

Workshop "Actualizando la ciudadanía" at the UAM in Madrid, realized by Lara Jüssen. The aim is to create a place at which scientists and activists discuss about the concepts Citizenship, Beloning, Ethnicity etc. and debate about potentially different perspectives.

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August 6th - 8th 2014

The Research Network for Latin America organises, together with the Faculty of Law of the Pontifica Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) a Panel titled "La evolución y el impacto de la irrupción de comunidades originarias en los sistemas jurídicos de América Latina" at the conference “De/Colonization in Americas: Continuity and Change”.

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April 2014

Workshop by Prof. Barbara Potthast: "Etnicidad, Ciudadanía y pertenenica. Perspectiva teoricas a principios del siglo XXI" in Asunción, Paraguay


March 10th - 14th 2014

The Winterschool "Globales Lernen" (Global Learning) has been organised by the Cologne Latin America Centre (CLAC) in cooperation with the Research Network for Latin America.


December 13th 2013

2nd Workshop with Crossroads Asia: "Crossroads Studies"

10am - 1.30pm, ZEF Bonn Info


Workshop "Ethnicity, (post)colonial history and the nation state: examples from Argentina, South Africa, and India" with our Fellow Mario Rufer, realized by the UoC Forum 'Ethnicity as a Political Resource'



Workshop Memorias Revividas "Del golpe a Malvinas en la literatura y el cine actual" at the Romanische Seminar of the University of Cologne


October 14th 2013

Workshop with Mario Rufer "Etnicidad, comunidad y la nación: Políticas de memoria y pertenencia en América Latina y África/Ethnicity, community and the nation: The politics of memory and belonging in Latin America and Africa” in the Long Table Room at the ZiF in Bielefeld


August 21st

Workshop with Christine Hünefeldt "Ethnicity at the Crossroads of Citizenship in Latin America: Quo Vadis Colonialism?"

Program - For further information please contact info-kla(at)uni-koeln.de

July 17th 2013

Internal Workshop "Social mobilization, migration and citizenship", a common event by Crossroads Asia and the Research Network for Latin America. Including a public lecture by Margit Fauser on “Migration and the multiple spaces of citizenship”, 15:00-16:30. Venue: ZEF, Bonn

workshop programme and lecture, Report

June 20th 2013

Internal Workshop with Floya Anthias


April 12th 2013

9-13 workshop with Ronald Niezen about: "What do Politics of Indigenous Identity in Africa and the Americas have in common?", together with the Department of Cultural and Social Anthropology at the University of Cologne, Room S 81

Please register at info-kla(at)uni-koeln.de 

February 5th 2013

Workshop: "Animate Things" with Elvira Espejo, in a cooperation of the Research Network for Latin America with the International College Morphomata (University of Cologne) and the department of anthropology of the americas (University of Bonn)

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January 24th 2013

Workshop: Nuevas prácticas legales y sus consecuencias para comunidades “originarias” in Cologne


December 13th 2012

Workshop with Andrew Canessa: (Uni Essex): "Teaching Race & Ethnicity". University of Cologne

Please contact Mr. Schwarz (t.schwarz(at)uni-koeln.de) if you want to participate

November 9th 2012

Workshop: Scietific research techniques, by Prof. Dr. Cornelia Giebeler


October 15th-16th 2012

Workshop organized among others by Prof. Dr. Niemeyer: La guerra de las Malvinas en la memoria cultural - The war of the Malvinas in the cultural memory, University of Cologne


June 16th 2012

Internal workshop "Ethnicity in Africa and Latin America" with members of the Cologne African Studies Centre


February 2nd 2012

Workshop of the Research Network together with representatives of development cooperation: „Forschung trifft EZ“: Ethnicity, Citizenship, Belonging as instruments for social in- and exclusion at the ILZ, Bonn


December 16th 2011

Dr. Tobias Schwarz: "Introduction to MAXqda - program for qualitative data analysis", Cologne Centre for Area Studies


June 8th 2011

Dr. Tobias Schwarz: Workshop "Einblicke in die Geschichte, Gesellschaft und Wirtschaft der Dominikanischen Republik und Mittelamerika"



Workshop: "Soziale Bewegungen in Lateinamerika"; lectures of Bettina Schorr and Dario Azzellini; organisation Dr. Nelly Castro



Dr. Tobias Schwarz: "Einführung in Wissensverwaltung mit Citavi", Cologne Center of Area Studies