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Funding by the BMBF


The German Federal Ministry of Education and Research (German abbreviation BMBF) sponsors the Research Network for Latin America in the framework of the initiative “Freedom for Research in the Humanities” in the funding priority “Strengthening and advancing Area Studies”. It aims to introduce “new forms of cooperation to pool, develop and test specialist competences in the field of area studies more effectively. At the same time, many steps are to be taken to promote subject-specific, interdisciplinary issues and cooperation with the systematic disciplines. Networked, interdisciplinary sites of expertise are to be established in Germany. These will provide a stimulus in this field of humanistic knowledge, not least by cooperating closely with foreign researchers.”

The project funding reference number of the period 2010-2014 was 01UC1012A-E.

The project funding reference number of the period 2014-2016 is 01UC1412A-E.