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November/December 2015

Participation of the staff of the Research Network for Latin America in the exposition "Soziale Bewegungen in Lateinamerika" (Social Movements in Latinamerika) at the University of Cologne.


November 5th-6th 2015

Participation by Daniela Célleri in the first conference of the working group "countries in the Andes" of the German Association of Research about Latin America (ADLAF).


November 2nd 2015

Daniela Célleri attends the public talk between de colombian sociologist José Maria Rojas y Klaus Meschkat „Kolumbien und der endlose Kampf um Gerechtigkeit“, Foro de Discusión sobre América Latina, Hannover


September 5th-12th 2015

Cologne Summer School 2015 "Memory culture and politics of memory in postconflict societies of the Global South" organized among others by Prof. Dr. Niemeyer.


September 4th 2015

Participation from Daniela Célleri and Lara Jüssen: "Reunión con el grupo de trabajo de Migraciones Internacionales y Globalización" at the Departamento de Sociología y género of the FLACSO-Ecuador, Quito


June 25th-27th 2015

Olaf Kaltmeier: coordination of the 7th International Postgraduate Forum “Politics of Entanglement in the Americas.“


June 25th 2015

Daniela Célleri participates at the workshop "Globales Lernen im Englischunterricht: Konzeptionelle Überlegungen und praktische Umsetzungen in Bildungsmaterialien" at the Welthaus Bielefeld


November 12th-14th 2014

(Co-)Organization from Barbara Potthast in cooperation with Raquel Gil Montero, Tucumán, of the Panel: "Estructuras de Familia y Migración" at the international conference "Familia y Redes Sociales. Ethnicidad, movilidad y marginalidad en el mundo atlántico", in Sevilla.


November 2nd 2014

Daniela Célleri takes part in the panel discussion at the Youth Congress "Wachstum.Macht.Glück" in the city of Verden


September 11th 2014

(Co-)Organization from Barbara Potthast in cooperation with Pilar Garía Jordan, Barcelona, of the Panel "La representación material / visual en América Latina, siglos XIX - XXI" at the XVII international conference of the AHILA in Berlin.


September 9th-13th 2014

Jochen Kemner: Organization of the Symposium "¿Desarrollo y derechos humanos como fundamentos del sistema inter-americano?" at the XVII international conference of AHILA: “Entre Espacios: La historia latinoamericana en el contexto global."


August 14th 2014

Broadcasting of the interview with Margott Paucar Espinoza (Universidad Científica del Sur, Lima) and Carmen Ibáñez at Radio IDEELE/San Borja, Lima


August 6th 2014

Live interview with Daniela Célleri, David Grewe and Bea Wittger at Radio IDEELE/San Borja, Lima, within the framework of the symposium "De/Colonization in the Americas: Continuity and Change" in Lima, Peru


July 20th- August 1st 2014

Jochen Kemner: Coordination of the IP-Summerschool "Broadcasting the Americas: Academic Reflections and Media Practice on Politics and Culture"


June 16th 2014

Daniela Célleri "Race, Class, Gender. Ein­füh­rung in die Intersektionalitätsforschung". Presentation and discussion at the Festival Contre le Racisme 2014 in Hanover


May 09th-11th 2014

Carmen Ibáñez Cueto: Input to the final discussion considerung the questions "In how far is Latin America today still caught in colonial structures? Is there a process of emancipation and at which levels is it successful?" at the Latif Congress at the University of Cologne


July 17th 2013

"Voices after Revolution" (in Tunis) - Film presentation and discussion at the Sprachlernzentrum, University of Bonn


June 24th and 25th 2013

Visit of three young people from the ecuatorian Amazon region in Hanover

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June, 25th 2013

"Öl aus dem Regenwald - die Grenzen des Wachstums live: Indigene aus Amazonien berichten". At 7.00pm, Town Hall of Hanover, Hodlersaal, registration is not requiered, free entry


June 13th-15th 2013

Junior Scientist Conference in Hannover: Neuere Forschungen zur Geschichte Lateinamerikas und der Karibik

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May 16th-17th 2013

The ADLAF Junior Researchers organize their 3rd Symposium in cooperation with desigualdades.net and the Research Network for Latin America in Cologne. Participants can register until April 26th at adlafnachwuchs(at)giga-hamburg.de

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April 17th-19th 2013

Lara Jüssen Synthesizing Discussion “GraffiCity. Materialized Visual Practices in the Public Urban Space”, Cologne


April 17th-18th 2013

International symposium in cooperation with Morphomata "GraffiCity – materialized visual practices in the public urban space" in Cologne. No registration required for participating in the symposium

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November 24th 2012

"Violence against women in Latin America and Germany" with involvemente by the Research Network

Altes Rathaus Bonn, 11 - 15 Uhr, Info, Flyer

October 11th 2012

Dr. Rodolfo Fernández, Dr. Sarah Albiez-Wieck and Ana-Laura Lemke will present their book "Retóricas y Antropología del Mundo Tarasco" at 4 pm


September 27th-29th 2012

Participation of some members of the Research Network at the symposium "Identidades nacionales en América Latina"


May 8th 2012

Participation via video-conference at the lecture „Estado, Nación, Historia y Globalización” by Dr. Pedro Pérez Herrero (University Alcalá de Henares). The lecture took place at the University of Guadalajara followed by a discussion via the video-conference.


April - May 2012

Stay of Dr. Sarah Albiez-Wieck at the University of Guadalajara

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article Kölner Universitätszeitung: Dr. Nelly Castro "Gesellschaft gestalten"



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