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Within the framework of the symposium "De/Colonization in the Americas: Conitnuity and Change" serveral interviews have been produced in cooperation with Radio IDEELE of the Instituto de Defensa Legal that have been broadcasted live or recorded by the Radio Station San Borja, Lima, Peru.

On August 6th, 2014, Daniela Célleri, David Grewe and Bea Wittger talked live to Glatzer Tuesta about the activities of the Research Network for Latin America and about their researches. (Audio will be available soon)

On August 14th, 2014, two recorded interviews with Margott Paucar Espinoza and Carmen Ibáñez have been broadcasted.

Margott Paucar is a lawyer, teaches at the Universidad Científica del Sur, Lima, and speaks in the panel "La evolución y el impacto de la irrupción de comunidades originarias en los sistemas jurídicos de América Latina" about different dimensions of political participation of the indigenous population in Peru.
Listen to a shortened version here

Carmen Ibáñez talks about her research that deals with political participation and migration in Bolivia.
Listen to the feature