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Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging in Latin America

International Symposium from the 4th to the 6th of October 2010 in Bonn

Goal of the Symposium

Phenomena of inclusion and exclusion have shaped past and present of Latin American societies. The continent does not only have a history of more than 500 years of ethnic differentiations, but also has evocated a series of developments which flexibilized traditional patterns of inclusion and exclusion in favor of new concepts of order. In this context, the hitherto existing understanding of the concepts ethnicity, citizenship and belonging shall be discussed. Definitions for this key terms have been so far elaborated mostly only within single disciplines and alongside case studies with a regional focus. But the phenomena, which are described by these concepts, are the result of transregional relationships. Apart from this, for a joint theoretical concept, the transregional and comparative perspective is important. The symposium was a first step towards a transdisciplinary and transregional theoretical concept of the three key terms.

An anthology resulting from the conference has been released in 2011: Albiez-Wieck, S.; Castro, Nelly; Jüssen, Lara; Youkhana, Eva (Eds.) (2011) "Etnicidad, ciudadanía y pertenencia: prácticas, teoría y dimensiones espaciales. / Ethnicity, Citizenship and Belonging: Practices, Theory and Spacial Dimensions", Frankfurt a.M. (Iberoamericana/Veruert).